DesignBureau – February 2013
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Capsule Collection Reboot
A Twist to Target’s old capsule collection model turns up new partnership possibilities

“Many other mass market retailers have joined the designer partnership bandwagon,and these onetime partnerships have begun to look a little too familiar. ”

DesignBureau – January 2013
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Bringing the Hotel Home
Are hotel room luxuries still as special when you buy
them for your house?

“When my parents went away on a trip, it always meant one thing: They would bring back wonderfully wrapped bars of soap from the hotels where they had stayed. ”

DesignBureau November – December 2012
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The Gift of Perception
The real reason why you end up getting gifts that miss the mark

“Why do people continue to give gifts that are just wrong? Can’t they tell that this just isn’t your style? The difference lies in perception.”

DesignBureau – October 2012
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Whither the Designer?
Can a brand survive if the management
doesn’t care about design?

“In all creatively driven enterprises, the relationship between the designers and the management team is paramount.”

DesignBureau July-August 2012
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The Question of Handcraft
Is design still a craft if it’s done with the click of a mouse?

“This movement toward slower consumption is a reaction to our fast-paced, globally-connected world.”

DesignBureau May-June 2012
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Slow Design
Why the fast lane isn’t always the best for design

“A handcrafted bag and a specially commissioned font aren’t that different: each expresses our unique sense of personal style and communicates to others how we wish to be perceived.”

DesignBureau March-April 2012
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Now Boarding: Luxury Travel
The Stylish Travel Experience Went to the Wayside With the Death of Pan Am—Or Did it?

“With all the hassle associated with modern air travel, it is no wonder that so many of our fellow passengers show up appearing as if they just rolled out of bed.”

DesignBureau January-February 2012
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Global Blah!
The three Bs of Global Brands: Bland, Boring, & Blah and why product originality might be a thing of the past

“As the world becomes smaller and Internet connections get faster, consumers are going to be even more hungry for unique products that provide them with a sense of wonder and proud ownership.”

DesignBureau November-December 2011
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Bare-Chested American Design
How brands like Abercrombie and Fitch are winning over the world simply by being

“Global consumers crave authentic
American style and design, which
plays an important role in selling
our products, services, and
environments in foreign markets.”

DesignBureau September-October 2011
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What does the color of your washing machine say about you?
How self-image, style, and design factor into our everyday decisions in surprising ways

“The style of the products we
select is a direct reflection of
our personal style, design tastes,
and ultimately, our self-image.”