Image, Style & Design

Image, Style & Design Studio works with organizations to connect with individuals in an emotional and deeper, more meaningful way, creating unrealized value for the organization.  Image reflects both one’s self-image, as well as the image of organizations with which people interact.  Style can be considered the manner in which an individual or organization reflects & portrays that image.  Design examines the way objects and systems can be created to achieve desired goals.  We believe the opportunity is to bring these forces together.

Cross-cultural and cross-organizational Integrator and Catalyst
We believe that by doing so the opportunity is for collaborative thinking and action to unleash the value of Image, Style & Design.  The most effective solutions to current and future problems lie in fostering cross-functional organizations and teams that transcend traditional boundaries.  Image, Style & Design Studio has done this through creating cross-functional opportunities.  This has been done in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.  The Studio is proud to have done this in the worlds of fine spirits; leather goods;  fashion + products & services; design + operations; business + engineering.

Individual Style & Expression
Image, Style & Design Studio was founded by Steven Fischer while he was a lecturer at Northwestern University.  He was teaching organizations and their future leaders how to enable and engage an individual’s self-image, which is expressed through style. Style acts as an important and powerful filter for how individuals interact with others and engage with products and services. Designed products and services possess a certain style – a style that must resonate with the individual in order to be adopted.  This association operates at the emotional level of the brain, transcending logic.  He created a process and methodology that allows for this interaction in diverse fields such as hospitality, fashion, medicine, electronics and automotive.  Organizations (companies, schools, governments) that connect with their community through individual style enjoy deeper relationships with the end user and astonishing return on their investments.

Global Citizens, Individual Distinction
Image, Style & Design Studio recognizes that we have become global citizens, but in the process have become homogenized.  Amidst this development, individuals still desire to express their own style.  Organizations have a role and a responsibility to enable that expression of individual style.  We see that information and communication technologies have dramatically transformed the way goods and services are produced and consumed, to the point where individuals can immediately share their sense of style with others.  The importance of peer opinion has become greater than the role of traditional media.  The opportunity for leading organizations is to unleash and celebrate the individual’s sense of style.